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allow 1-2 bussiness days for order and payment processing. Due to our manufacturer we do not process orders fri-sun.

WE CANNOT CHANGE SHIPPING SPEED! we have one form of shipping and we cannot make an order ship any faster then its expected date.

if you order on a fri,sat or sunday it will not be processed and shipped untill that following monday or tuesday.

we also do not ship or process orders on goverment holidays


processing typically takes less than 24hrs, but it can take longer when a high influx of orders come through. we are still a very small bussiness and have to approve each individual order. if an order is taking longer than expected, please try to be understanding and patient <3 we are going as fast as we can.


WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS... BUT we do accept refunds within 12 hours of the initial purchase.

any refund request after the first 12 hours of purchase will not be accepted because we PHYSICALLY CANNOT give you a refund after that time period, due to our banking system and our manufactures system. thank you for understanding